How to build a successful lash business

Published 11th Jan 2023 by Admin

"Lash queen" Daxita Vaghela calls on her 20 years’ experience in eyelash extensions to explain how to become a lash technician and how to build up a strong business with a loyal client base.

How do you become a lash tech?

First and foremost, get trained with a reputable company – do your research to gauge what is available.

Stay in the loop with professional launches by visiting beauty exhibitions. I passionately believe that good-quality education for both professionals and clients can create a better understanding of what is available.

What insurance do lash techs need?

Make sure you do research on beauty insurance to cover all your liabilities. When it comes to treatments, a patch test prior to the treatment is a must – all of the insurance companies require this but it’s a step that is often missed.

Lash extension consultations
To create results that will keep clients coming back for more, use your consultations to ask what their goals are and how they wear their make-up on a daily basis.

To get a better idea for your lash mapping, ask more questions – for example, what’s the reason they are having their lashes done? Is it for a wedding, a holiday or just everyday wear? Every client has individual preferences and mapping helps to reach the desired effect.

You can offer all sorts of curls, thicknesses, lengths and maybe even different lash colours – it really helps to have big range of lash products to work with.

For tips on improving your technique, check out these 13 lash extension treatment troubleshooting solutions.

Lash extension aftercare

It’s also important to properly educate clients on aftercare, including how to shampoo or wash their lashes.

I give them a mascara brush to take home with them so that they can brush their lashes every day.

I also advise on which eye make-up removal to use and instruct them to avoid oil around the eye area.

Rebookings and infills

Keep a record of the client’s treatment, along with any little notes you have made so that you can remember what you did for their next treatment.

Try to book the client in for infills before they leave, and because reviews are so vital for bringing in new clients, don’t be afraid to ask to take some photos for your own records and to share own social media (with their permission).

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Daxita Vaghela

Daxita Vaghela

“Lash queen” Daxita Vaghela is one of London’s hottest beauty bookings and can be found in her beauty clinic at Atherton Cox, London, and also weekly at the exclusive Beauty Lounge in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.



Published 11th Jan 2023

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