How to monetise your social media

Published 14th Feb 2024

Businesses with social media presences and successful personal brands can generate additional revenue from monetising their social media - here's what to consider when creating your social media marketing campaigns.

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If you are active on social media, you have a huge pool of people who are consistently watching you every day.

If you are only relying on in-person services to make your money, you’re leaving money on the table by not offering something that can be available via your social media account to those who are watching you from afar.

If you’re showing up there every day, you might as well make money from it, right?

When considering which social media platforms to monetise, the best question to ask yourself is, where is your current ideal client hanging out? Are they on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok?

Show up where your potential customers are spending the most time. This platform will differ based on you, your expertise and how you connect with your clients.

People want things to be as easy as possible to access, and this is crucial to consider when coming up with a social media strategy.

I would suggest using clickable links in your stories where people view the most, booking links in your bio and making your services and offers obvious when visiting your profile.

If you visit your social media page with a fresh pair of eyes, is it easy to understand who you are, what you do, what you offer and where you are based? If not, make changes.

You might think that social networks are already full of people trying to make money, but every market is saturated if you think like that; however, nobody has your exact experience, knowledge and personality or offers the experience you create.

Nobody can ever replicate that. So, to make your business stand out, start building your personal brand into your social media marketing.

Personal branding will give you the definitive power if you’re offering the same services as somebody else. Start showing more of you, the soul of the brand, and your personality, the things everybody sees when they visit you in person. Start by showing it on social media first.

The biggest mistakes I see people make when trying to monetise their social media is that they create something without much thought, such as a digital product or an offer.

They put it out there a few times on social media sites and then wonder why it’s not selling quickly.

You have to remember that you, the business owner, are always 10 steps ahead of everyone. It takes time for your social media audience to catch up with you and what you are creating, and what’s available to them.

The key here is consistency but knowing how to sell products and services on social media plays a big part too. 

Instead of guessing, actually find out what problem your customer base currently faces and use this to develop your marketing strategy. As the leader, the authoritative figure, the person they want to learn from, you have to provide the solution to that problem.

The best way to showcase this on social platforms so that it converts to money and sales is to be authentic and share content with your personal journey of having the same problem. Creating content like this creates a huge relatability factor, which in turn builds trust.

Poppy Owen is a global business mentor, coach, and hair and make-up academy owner.

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