Laura Rudoe: Elevating Sustainable Beauty

Published 26th Feb 2024 by Miranda

Laura Rudoe is an esteemed entrepreneur and visionary in the beauty industry, renowned for her role as the founder of Evolve Organic Beauty. With a passion for sustainability and a deep understanding of cosmetic design, Laura has spearheaded Evolve Organic Beauty's journey towards becoming one of the most sustainable brands in the UK. Her commitment to ethical practices, coupled with her expertise in natural product development, has positioned her as a leading voice in the industry.

Insight into Laura and the Industry

Laura's entrepreneurial journey hasn't been devoid of challenges. In the nascent stages of Evolve Organic Beauty, she faced the uphill task of establishing brand traction while navigating the complexities of self-funding. However, her perseverance and strategic approach enabled her to overcome these obstacles, fostering a profound understanding of every facet of the business.

Looking ahead, Laura harbours ambitious goals for Evolve Organic Beauty. These include expanding into new markets, fortifying the spa segment, enhancing online and wholesale channels, and prioritising sustainability. With a pledge to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero status by 2050, Laura envisions Evolve as a beacon of regenerative practices, championing organic farming and zero waste production.

With 18 years of experience in sustainable product development, Laura remains attuned to emerging trends in the beauty industry. She highlights the growing demand for natural skincare ingredients, particularly niacinamide, and addresses concerns such as pigmentation and sensitivity. Evolve Organic Beauty is well-positioned to cater to these evolving consumer needs with its focus on organic, bioavailable formulations.

Watch Laura’s reel offering a glimpse of her panel at IMF London

A Sneak Peek into the ‘Practical Sustainability’ Panel

As a prominent figure in sustainable beauty, Laura will offer invaluable insights into the implementation of eco-friendly practices across various aspects of the business, including ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution. Laura underscores the paramount importance of sustainability in the beauty industry, given its environmental and social impact. With consumers increasingly prioritising ethical choices, discussions on sustainability foster transparency, innovation, and accountability.

The panel aims to inspire delegates to integrate sustainability into their business strategies, drawing from real-life examples and practical solutions. Laura's involvement with Evolve Organic Beauty, a B Corp certified brand, exemplifies the tangible benefits of prioritising sustainability. Delegates can anticipate an informative dialogue encompassing the profitability and challenges of sustainable practices, alongside insights into the significance of B Corp certification for businesses and consumers.

Reflecting on her journey, Laura advises her younger self to follow her passion wholeheartedly. She emphasises the importance of aligning one's endeavours with personal values, citing Evolve Organic Beauty's mission-driven approach as a testament to the power of purposeful entrepreneurship.

IMF London 2024 Expectations

Laura eagerly anticipates networking opportunities at the IMF, where she looks forward to engaging with industry peers and attending the Practical Sustainability Panel. She hopes to glean insights into wholesale and distributor strategies, exploring potential partnerships and opportunities to further enhance Evolve Organic Beauty's impact. While excited about the diverse lineup of speakers at the IMF, Laura is particularly enthusiastic about collaborating with her fellow panellists on the Practical Sustainability Panel, where she anticipates enriching discussions on the future of sustainable beauty.

Laura Rudoe will be joined by Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis - Team Dr Joseph, Oriele Frank - Elemis , Pauline Prescott - Formulae Prescott, and Stevi Lowmass - The Camel Soap Factory on the panel ‘Practical sustainability: How do brands and distributors adopt the sustainability path and achieve commercial viability?’ - 4th March, 15:45

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Published 26th Feb 2024

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