How to use oxygen saturation for optimum skin health

Published 29th Jan 2024 by Lollie Hancock

In the pursuit of stimulating collagen and achieving optimal skin health, beauty treatments have often relied on the use of heat. However, this approach may come with potential drawbacks, as heat-induced inflammation can counteract the desired benefits in the long term.  

Crystal Clear, leading British skincare and skin system brand, is changing the face of the beauty sector by introducing an advanced method of delivering cooled topical dissolvable oxygen deep into the skin.

By combining almost three decades of science, design, and innovation, it has harnessed the power of oxygen saturation to enhance skin health and appearance.

What is Topical Dissolved Oxygen?

Topical Dissolved Oxygen is used to promote healing and penetrates more effectively than Topical Gaseous Oxygen (TGO), particularly when the ingredients used are cooled to lower temperatures.

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One of the brand’s scientific leads, Chris Smith, highlights the benefits of a more effective and gentle approach, explaining how,"Skin cells use oxygen for energy, so the oxygen treatment is like a shot in the arm for the skin and its processes.

“The low temperature approach ensures skin is in a relaxed and de-stressed state. This, coupled with the oxygen infused into the product that allows it to go 700 microns deeper, allows the skin to benefit from the positive impact of the treatment and its active ingredients, without any potential negativity coming from the treatment itself, which is always possible where heat is involved." 

Oxygen saturation plays a crucial role in maintaining skin vitality, and health. By keeping the skin in a calm and de-stressed state, Crystal Clear can penetrate it with highly active ingredients for dramatic and impressive results.

This unique approach allows for layering of treatments without causing unnecessary irritation, thanks to the mattress effect created on the skin, protecting the skin from inflammation which can lead to a process known as "inflammaging," which damages collagen production.

How can TDO be used in treatments?

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The Skinstorm and Clinical Comcit TDO skin systems from Crystal Clear both utilise Topical Dissolved Oxygen (TDO) throughout their treatments. The combination of TDO with powerful active ingredients delivers a huge range of benefits, including cleansing, peeling, resurfacing, acne-fighting, and deep hydration. The result is firmer, more hydrated, and rejuvenated skin, all while keeping it calm, happy, and de-stressed throughout the process.

Skinstorm and Comcit TDO treatments allow for enhanced penetration of active ingredients due to the synergistic effects of oxygen, low temperature, and multi-step exfoliation. This versatile technology addresses various skin concerns, from acne and congestion to pigmentation, anti-ageing, firming, lifting, and pre/post-treatment support for surgical or non-surgical facial procedures. 

Clients can expect clean, smooth, and radiant skin, along with an immediate lift, plumping effect, and intense hydration, making it perfect for special occasions with minimal downtime.

To experience this patented technology for yourself, or to book a demonstration, visit their website at or contact [email protected].

 Sponsored story in association with Crystal Clear.

Lollie Hancock

Lollie Hancock

Published 29th Jan 2024

Lollie Hancock is a content writer at Professional Beauty. She creates content for the website, magazine and social media channels. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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