Intensive Exfoliation System by Janssen Cosmetics















A new highly effective exfoliation system using up to 60% fruit acid is now available from Janssen Cosmetics to give an effective and visible result, whilst complying with strict EU legislation.  Supported by CIBTAC Professional Endorsed Training and BABTAC insurance.

Fine-pored, smooth, even skin is the ideal with good moisture levels and intact circulation, it radiates youthfulness and freshness. The skin's natural peeling process ensures that the outer layers of skin are renewed in cycles of approximately four weeks and are replaced by cells from the basal layer. Unfortunately, this natural peeling process doesn’t always proceed smoothly, resulting in an accumulation of skin cells, plugged pores and blemishes. However, surplus horny layers can be dissolved and removed with the aid of fruit acids.

The new professional EXFOLIATION SYSTEM enables gentle and sustainable removal of hornified areas of skin, dark pigmentation flecks are also significantly reduced and small wrinkles caused by dryness are balanced. The complexion is left looking considerably fresher and optimally prepared for subsequent active substances.  The result is a wonderfully radiant, visibly even and soft skin profile!

The EXFOLIATION SYSTEM from JANSSEN COSMETICS consists of five products containing acid and one neutralizer. All formulations are carefully coordinated with each other and contain the fruit acids glycolic, malic, citric, tartaric and salicylic acid. The balanced combination of acids makes the professional EXFOLIATION SYSTEM treatment method as unique as it is effective!

Available to Beauty Professionals Level 2 and above

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