Beauty consumers tuning in to effect of nutrition on the skin

Skincare users are becoming more aware of the impact of nutrition on skin quality, found a survey by skincare supplement brand Lycored.

Of over 500 regular skincare users from the UK, US, France, China, Japan and Korea, 98% said they agree that good nutrition is necessary to achieve a healthy glow. 

Sleep came out top when asked which factors contributed to glowing skin, with 66% of the respondents choosing this option, followed by 65% who said a healthy diet was most important. 

Only 39% chose topical skincare products as most likely to give skin a healthy glow. 

When asked to choose foods likely to help skin glow from the inside out, foods rich in vitamin E such as almonds and sunflower seeds came out top, with 79% ranking these foods in first or second place. 

Next were foods rich in carotenoids, like carrots and tomatoes (65%) and those containing collagen (46%). 

Zev Ziegler, head of global brand and marketing, health at Lycored, said: “Consumers are looking for a healthy glow but they know they can’t always get it from a tube. 

“Increasingly they understand the link between wellness factors, such as getting the right amount of sleep and eating a balanced diet, in achieving healthy, radiant skin.”

Statistics from earlier in the year showed more Brits are now taking a daily supplement.