Only 14% of beauty lovers research facial skincare products before using them

Despite more than half of consumers (59%) saying looking good is important to them, only 14% take the time to research facial skincare products, according to Allergan’s global survey The Importance of Trust in Beauty.

Trust in the treatment provider is crucial. Nearly half of customers (45%) ranked reassurance from their healthcare professional in their top five most important factors for a facial consultation, while only 38% said all their questions were answered in the last one before their treatment, the report found.

For those working in the aesthetics field, 61% commented that having trust in the brand they are using makes them feel as though they will consistently achieve the best results for clients, with nearly a quarter (66%) of respondents stating that clinical studies and long-term data on a product contributes to building that trust.

66% also believe that a product manufactured by a well-known and trusted brand is also a key factor, the research found.

Yana Ignatova, senior vice president at Allergan, who conducted the survey, said: “There is clearly an opportunity to accelerate education for both patients and healthcare professionals in the aesthetics industry. It is therefore not surprising that there is an opportunity to build trust in the aesthetics industry.”

The company surveyed more than 18,000 consumers and 360 medical professionals in 12 markets across the world.