#PBNorth talks Episode 2 with Kirsty Meakin

Published 17th Aug 2022 by PB Admin
#PBNorth talks Episode 2 with Kirsty Meakin

We caught up with Kirsty ahead of the show to find out what she’s most looking forward to, and to gain a bit of insight into what to expect at the competition….

What’s Kirsty Meakin most looking forward to at PB North?

Meeting people and networking with other nail techs
Being reunited with her peers and nail family
Seeing all the latest products and launches from brands
Judging the nail comps – it’s one of her favourite things!

Learner Skill challenge

What is the challenge?

Without giving to much away... competitors will watch Kirsty demonstrate a skill and takes notes. After her demonstration replicate the skill twice: once as Kirsty demonstrated, and a second time you’re your own twist to show your style and personality.


Why is it important for growing nail artist to compete in this?

“It’s important because you end up doing similar things each day when working, you don’t get challenged as much,” says Kirsty, “So, this is a way of challenging the mind, challenge your creativity and gets your name out there.”


The prize you can win?

Not only will you get a goody bag with lots of Kirsty Meakin products, the winner of the learner skill will also be invited on the Kirsty Meakin nails on the youtube channel to recreate their design.  With 101K subscribers, this can really give you an incredible boost for your career.


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 17th Aug 2022


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