Guest blog: 10 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Profile

As a business owner in the beauty industry, you might have a social media strategy that connects with your target audience but you have to decide what you want to get from your LinkedIn profile. Social media expert Warren Knight presents 10 ways you can grow your LinkedIn Profile

1. Every beauty business has a specific type of niche market. LinkedIn is great for niche marketing because you can hone in on a specific industry, a company size and job role. If you are a mobile beauty consultant that is an expert in semi-permanent make up, you can set up advertising campaigns to specifically market to your target audience.

2. By staying on the radar, I don’t mean constantly posting about you or your business inside of LinkedIn. Find other pieces of content to share that you know your LinkedIn audience will want to read, and ultimately engage with you. Staying on the radar is also being consistent with the message you are sharing. Don’t post 3 times in one day, and then forget to post for three weeks.

3. A huge part of my LinkedIn strategy is to always encourage engagement and I do this by sharing relevant and unique content with my audience. I share my own posts using LinkedIn’s “long form posts” and I use Feedly to share great content written by other industry thought leaders that I know my audience will love.

4. Take a look at the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, or Murad Skincare. They are two very successful beauty businesses, built on the person behind the products. Whilst there are many beauty companies that don’t work like this; they have the resources to pay for a celebrity to be the face of their brand. Make yourself the face of the brand, just like Charlotte Tilbury has!

5. LinkedIn is a great place to find individuals like yourself who are involved in the beauty industry, and those looking to try out new products/services. Get involved in conversations inside of LinkedIn by joining groups, posting questions and commenting on your connections posts.

6. What better way to position yourself as a thought leader in the beauty industry than creating your own group, and driving the engagement! Invite those you work with, and your audience to join the group and the conversation.

7. How often do you give an employee, or someone you have worked with a recommendation or endorsement? There have been over 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn and they will help you grow your LinkedIn profile because trust equals audience growth. Be wary of only showing endorsements that are relevant to you and your business. A connection of yours does have the freedom to “endorse” you on any type of subject so only share with your audience what is important.

8. Part of creating an “All Star” profile is understanding the right keywords to use to describe your business. In the beauty industry, you want to make sure you are clear about who your are, what you do and what you specialise in. I would also suggest that you add your keywords to the “headline” of your LinkedIn profile to grow your audience.

9. When using LinkedIn for your beauty business, you need to remember that is a professional social network and your visuals need to reflect this. When choosing a profile picture which displays who you are, make sure it isn’t a selfie or an image that includes other people. If you want to earn thousands of pounds through LinkedIn, you need to look as professional as possible.

10. This is an important action to take. To be easily found on LinkedIn based on your keywords, you need to claim your own custom URL, or vanity URL as it is sometimes known.

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