10 ways to reopen your beauty salon safe, strong and successful

Lockdown measures are slowly easing across England and the rest of the UK with just one month to go until salons will get the opportunity to reopen their doors and having a trusted software in your salon is now more important than ever. The experts at Phorest share their tips to help you reopen.

Life in salons as we know it is changing for both the staff and clients and it is key to adapt to these changes in order to get back in business, successfully. Looking at our friends in Europe, we can see that there will be less staff and clients in the salon at once, longer opening hours and that walk-in appointments will no longer be.

In preparation for these changes, Phorest have launched a new suite of features designed to help salon owners manage their salon, staff and clients successfully and safely. 


10 ways to reopen your beauty salon safe, strong and successful:

 1. Vip booking 

Manage the customers you get into the salon first with a smart booking link for their eyes only and get back to business with manageable appointment books. 

2. Appointment requests

Stay in control of your waiting list when you reopen post-Covid. Set your Online Booking link to Appointment Requests only and get an email notification when a customer wants to book in. 

3. Online booking banner

Protect your salon and inform your customers with pop up messaging on every Online Booking and within your Salon Branded App. Inform bookers of new procedures, expected open dates and other essential Covid-related information. 

4. New roster screens

Manage your team safely and seamlessly on one screen with the updated rosters feature, allowing you to easily plan and manage split shifts.  

5. New marketing filters

Reach the right segments of clients as you manage your return to business. Use the brand-new marketing filters to address the customers you need to talk to most. 

6. Check-in notifications

Your staff app allows the team to see their day from their own devices, reducing traffic at reception. Keep socially distant until treatment time, with push notifications for client check in to every staff member’s phone on Phorest GO. 

7. GDPR compliant digital records

Keep digital records of everyone who is in your salon, staff and customer, at any time. GDPR-compliant client records and staffing schedules make sure you are adhering to contact tracing measures that must be in place. 

8. Online Store

Move aftercare online and boost your retail revenue with your own Online Store. Plan and send campaigns from the safety of your home to theirs, with personalised recommendations for your clients to purchase. 

9. Email & SMS templates

Access clever marketing tools with pre-made campaign templates to reach out to your clients. Made by marketing experts, you can customise campaigns proven to sell retail, increase bookings and boost customer loyalty. 

10.Pre-send consultation forms

Bring your consultations online and pre-send consultation forms to your clients. Choose from our Coronavirus specific template or custom-build your own and include our Covid-19 blocks to include your essential terms and conditions, available for SMS with email function to follow. (Available from July 2020)

With the situation ever-changing, it is important to be flexible, adaptable and most importantly to communicate clearly with your staff and clients, and with the newly released features, Phorest allows you to do just that. 

For more information, visit Phorest.

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