4 tips to reopen your beauty salon business strong

We’ve been told that salons across the country will reopen on 4 July at the very earliest. While this feels like it’s still a long way away, the experts at Phorest explain why now is the perfect time to start planning for your reopening to make sure that you hit the ground running.

Phorest, the leading salon software is continuously seeking to innovate, with the salon owner at the forefront of every decision made. This hasn’t changed throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, with new and improved features readily available. Here are four ways the new features can help to support your business as you reopen.

1. Create a ‘Reopening Action Plan’ 

The first step in successfully managing your reopening is by putting together a reopening action plan. This plan should include your new opening hours, the number of staff members in your salon at once and a hygiene plan, just to name a few. Phorest has created a free action plan template for all salon owners to help work this out.

2. Calculate your post-lockdown revenue 

Secondly, it is important to understand how much revenue your salon will need to make with the new social distancing restrictions in place. Available to all salon owners, the Post Lockdown Revenue Calculator allows you to figure out what your deficit will look like ahead of your reopening and plan to plug it with additional revenue from selling your retail stock online. 

3. Focus on online retailing during lockdown

Launched in May 2020, Phorest’s Online Store feature is designed to help salons shift stock, generate revenue during lockdown and most importantly, retain client loyalty by giving them no reason to shop elsewhere but your salon. The Online Store can help you while your salon is closed, but it can also help when your salon is open too. There is no need to solely rely on your staff to upsell. Your staff will be busy with appointments and getting used to the new sanitation policy in place when you reopen.

 4. Use retailing to plug revenue gaps on reopening

Selling stock online will help plug the revenue gap caused by social distancing and the revenue calculator will allow you to prepare accordingly. As well as being a social distancing compliant form of retailing, it will allow you to drive loyal clients to your store, rather than a generic retailer. The feature also helps you to sell the right products to the right clients with automated retail recommendations and drive high profit margin sales.

The Online Store is fully integrated with the Phorest software, syncing straight with both your salon stock and client history. It is also integrated with the SMS & Marketing Suite and generates an Online Store link for your social media channels, making selling your stock a breeze. 

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