2018 International Nail Championships winners announced

The winners of the International Nail Championships at Professional Beauty London 2018 have been announced. After two days of competing the winners are:

Day 1 

Pink & White Competition Style

Winner: Anna Knitter-Zawadzinska

Second place: Katarzyna Kruszynska

Third place: Izabela Wozniak

Salon Nail

Winner: Katarzyna Kruszynska

Second: Remigija Visockaite

Show Case Nail Art: Izabela Wozniak

Spa Manicure

Winner: Stephanie Mendiola

Second place: Anett Bunkoczi

Third place: Erika Beck

Permanent Polish

Winner: Elysia Penn

Second place: Stephanie Mendiola and Andriana Prodan

Photographic Classic

Winner: Danielle Cragg

Second place: Stephanie Mendiola

Third place: Jade Barber

Voter's choice: Lorna Andrews

Nail Masters

Winner: Anna Knitter-Zawadznska

Second place: Barbara Preil-Kovacs

Third place: Jo Wickens

International Manicurist of the Year

Stephanie Mendiola

International Nail Master

Anna Knitter-Zawadzinska

Day 2

Nail Starters Manicure

Winner: Emily Misson

Second place: Michelle Horton

Third place: Anum Ali

Nail Starters Permanent Polish

Winner: Emily Misson

Second place: Amy Chapman

Third place: Michelle Horton and Anum Ali

One Stroke Nail Art

Winner: Anna Knitter-Zawadzinska

Second place: Rachel Willis

Third place: Karina Perematko

Showcase Nail Art

Winners: Rebecca Isaac, Kayley Cairns and Natsuko Takanishi

Photographic Nail Art

Winner: Gail Nicholls

Second place: Mel Squire

Third place: Lorna Andrews and Kayleigh Green

Voter's choice: Kayleigh Green

30th Anniversary Photo

Winner: Stephanie Mendiola

Second place: Sammy MacDonald

Third place: Scarlett Senter

Voter's choice: Stephanie Mendiola

Nail Art Masters

Winner: Barbara Preil-Kovacs

Second place: Zsuzsanna Fecsik

Third place: Sarah Thompson

International Nail Art Master

Barbara Preil-Kovacs