3 revenue-boosting Christmas retail tips for salon businesses

Retailing is such an important part of any successful beauty salon business and should not be underestimated, generating up to 25% of the total sales revenue. 

Some salons have found success with retailing and have developed their own product lines that support great services, helping to effectively market the brand, so it is important to empower teams so that sales become part of the culture.

Strategic business consultant Valerie Delforge is an expert in salon and spa retailing and believes that sales techniques are not enough – they are too robotic, which disengages the customer.

“It's crucial to have fun when it comes to retail sales – enthusiasm is catching. For example, for the busy season, create daily incentives for staff members as this will challenge them to achieve targets,” says Delforge. 

She also suggests creating fun salon videos, such as Instagram Reels, and getting some of the team to talk about and promote their favourite products so the enthusiasm is passed on to the customers. 

“Throughout December there are many opportunities to create that fun culture and get everyone involved, and push the team to enjoy retail sales easily,” adds Delforge. 

3 tips to that will help your salon team rock retail sales this Christmas: 

1. Customers will research items you recommend so it is important to know everything about the products and brands you carry. Hold regular training sessions and negotiate staff samples and discounts so your team are confident when talking about products to customers.

2. Your team should get to know and understand each customer so they can provide the best retail experience and maximise every consultation. 

Ensure staff keep records of customers names and any retail purchases and suggestions up to date. Use salon software such as Timely’s that will integrate consultations, appointments, payments, retail stock, and store all your customer details, as this will elevate the client experience and add an element of personalisation too.

3. Building an online store is the perfect way to win new customers and market your business, even when you’re closed. Create a simple shopping experience where customers can purchase care and maintenance products or even gifts. 

For the best results, you will need an e-commerce website and online payment system such as Timely Pay to retail while you sleep. Find out more about salon software provider Timely now

Valerie Delforge is an international business strategy consultant in the spa and beauty industry. She has more than 25 years’ industry experience, helping to establish some of the world's leading spa and beauty brands.

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