6 ways to better connect with your salon clients and build loyalty

Published 08th Nov 2021 by PB Admin
6 ways to better connect with your salon clients and build loyalty

As any salon business owner will tell you, reaching clients with your brand’s offering, keeping them engaged, and providing a five-star service that converts to sales is all in a day’s work. However, sometimes the push-and-pull of entrepreneurship can leave you feeling stuck in a rut, and that can lead to gaps in inspiration that connect your clients to your salon business in a meaningful way.

At Professional Beauty London at ExCeL last month, six beauty industry icons shared their insights on the Timely Business Management stage, talking about how you can boost the relationship you have with clients and why this will help improve your business – both with sales and your reputation.

Here are the pros six top tips for boosting your salon business:

1. Relish sutainability

Sustainability, along with transparency and a focus on relaxation, is a continued trend moving into 2022 that’s here for the long haul. So, how can you build sustainability into your salon brand?

Trishna Daswaney, founder of beauty brand Kohl Kreatives, said: "We only use old and dispose of waste to produce our [make-up] brushes. The upcycling process is really key in our production process, as well as looking after the people who help us create them."

2. Put yourself first

By nature, beauty therapists are empathetic people. Combine empathy with the ability to nurture and you’ve got a recipe to provide the most exquisite treatment.

However, mental health advocate and director of the Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman, provides a gentle reminder that “you can’t pour from an empty cup” – you need to look after yourself.

3. Speak to everybody 

Traditional salon marketing methods and campaigns no longer hold space moving into 2022. It’s time to look at the clients you serve and ask yourself how your language and messaging lands with them.

Harnaam Kaur, life coach and motivational speaker, provides a reality check, stating: “the body we have isn’t the issue. Being fat, thin, tall, short, or ripped isn’t an issue. The issue comes when one body type/shape/colour is represented as the body to have – this is a dangerous thing to promote”.

4. The way forward is inclusivity

Dija Ayodele, author, skincare expert and founder of West Room Aesthetics clinic, explained that “inclusivity is key for any beauty business”. But how can you be more inclusive in your client messaging?

Stock shades for all Fitzpatrick skin types, introduce client draping methods as to not overexpose during disrobing, and help your team understand how they play a part in the inclusion narrative when speaking to each other and to clients.

5. Provide a VIP treatment

The value of a client to your business goes far beyond the checkout process. In fact, it makes or breaks your brand positioning. Hollie Power, co-founder of consultancy business Salonology, said: “it is important to learn how to attract and retain VIP clients through providing an exceptional client journey first time, every time.”

6. One size doesn't fit all

“We’re on a mission to take product personalisation to the highest level”, says Dr Claire Triantis, co-founder of Dcypher, which creates bespoke foundation shades using technology. “Not one skin is the same via tone, texture and condition, so dive deep when understanding the skin you are about to treat.”

Click here to catch up on the virtual experience, or to speak with Timely’s customer success team about how Timely business management software can improve your client experience. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Nov 2021

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