3 ways to upsell and increase average client spend

Published 29th Mar 2021 by PB Admin
3 ways to upsell and increase average client spend

Our industry has waited patiently to be able to reopen and start trading again. For many of us, as business owners, it’s our livelihoods, and as April 12 approaches, our focus should be on how can we make up for lost time and start earning again.

This is where upselling becomes so important. With appointment books likely to be full, due to the high expected demand, it becomes a question of not “seeing more people to sell to”, but “how can I sell more to the people I see?”. 

Everyone is really looking forward to opening again and earning again. At Shop Beautiful we spend a lot of our time sourcing new products and looking at the new trends in the market.

And with so many great new products released over the last 12 months that clients may not be aware of – what better time to wow your customers as we all step out this spring? 

Help clients to treat themselves after a year away

After a year of lockdowns, clients are looking for that extra special something to treat themselves. So the timing is right to upsell treatments and introduce exciting new treatments.  

Take your treatments to the next level

For all of us, there are some amazing new products out there that will allow us to offer some premium VIP treatments. I just love the Déesse Pro products. They are the original market leaders in professional LED phototherapy, loved by actress January Jones, and the Kardashians. 

The Déesse Pro LED light mask is a game-changer within the aesthetics industry, featuring scientific light principles used by NASA to repair damaged cells.

Focus on homecare

Homecare is here to stay, so perhaps the easiest way to upsell and make more from every consultation is to factor in great homecare as you plan your clients' treatment routines.  

There are some great homecare products, whether that’s Fillmed’s fabulous prescription skincare range Skin Perfusion or something like Peel2Glow. Most peel treatments have to be done in the salon but Peel2Glow is a professional-grade peel treatment that can be used at home as part of a skincare regime. 

Perfect for use between in-clinic treatments, it’s great for maintaining glowing skin.

Meanwhile, Protocol’s fabulous beauty supplement range offers a potent blend of Type I and Type III Bioactive Collagen Peptides that helps to promote collagen production. The collagen supplements are clinically proven to provide anti-ageing benefits for the skin.

Let’s get ready to face the world again

So, as we all begin to look forward with optimism for facing the world again, we should all be thinking about what more we can offer our clients. Upsell, upsell, upsell, the time is right.

To find out more visit ShopBeautiful.co.uk

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 29th Mar 2021

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