How to make your waxing treatments safe and hygienic post-Covid lockdown

Waxing hygiene has always been paramount, yet cross-contamination and double-dipping continue to compromise both hygiene and safety. In these times of heightened hygiene awareness, how salons approach close-contact and intimate services will be pivotal in giving clients and therapists extra protection and reassurance, and avoiding any further lockdowns that could irrevocably damage beauty businesses as they walk the path to recovery.

How to ensure hygiene in your wax treatments

When it comes to waxing, Hy-Wax from Australian Bodycare is the perfect solution. With no spatulas, individually sealed wax dispenser heads for face and body, and the added protection of tea tree oil in pre, during and post-waxing products, Hy-Wax is ideal. 

This innovative system heats specially designed tubes of Tea Tree Oil Crème Wax, or Clear soft honey-style wax that each require a hygienically sealed dispenser head. Simply warm wax tubes in the Hy-Wax digital heater, open a sealed dispenser head in front of your client, and attach to the tube; then apply the wax directly to the client’s skin before impressing a waxing strip on and gently removing to reveal ultra-smooth, hair free skin. 

“Hy-Wax is designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and double-dipping,” says Australian Bodycare’s director, Fiona Peerless. “We’ve been leaders in this field for over 20 years but Hy-Wax has never been more important, or more in demand. It simply delivers that extra hygiene guarantee that protects salons and their customers.”

A complete waxing system 

As a complete waxing system, Hy-Wax features two digital wax heaters from which to choose, body and facial wax tube dispenser heads, and insulating wraps to ensure the wax’s temperature is maintained when outside of the heater.

With Tea Tree Oil Wet Wipes, crème wax and after wax lotion, hygiene is further boosted by the natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties of Australian Bodycare’s hero ingredient. 

 “As a professional brand, we have a comprehensive range of waxing products and accessories, treatment protocols and training to ensure salons achieve perfect results whilst putting hygiene and safety first for therapists and clients,” says Peerless.  

For information on Hy-Wax and training courses, visit Australian Bodycare's website, email or call 01892 750850

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