Chloe Goodman gets a live 3D-lipo Bumlift at Professional Beauty North

Sponsored story: Chloe Goodman's live 3D Bumlift at Professional Beauty North in Manchester Central last month attracted major attention and achieved press coverage in a number of national publications, putting the 3D-lipo brand in front of more than 8 million people nationwide.

Goodman had the treatment live on stand at Professional Beauty North on Sunday afternoon and relaxed as our 3D-lipo specialist Zach got to work. Goodman has had a 3D-lipo Bumlift before and loved the results.

In the past two days, Goodman has caused a media storm in the press with coverage of her live 3D Bumlift being featured in The Sun, Mail Online and the Manchester Evening News. This is fantastic brand exposure, reaching more than eight million people nationwide.

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