3D-lipo LaserSculpt proves a hit at Professional Beauty London

This weekend at Professional Beauty London saw the exclusive launch of the latest device from 3D-lipo: 3D-lasersculpt.

Brand new for 2019, 3D-lipo LaserSculpt offers the latest in laser technology for non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring in just 25 minutes.

3D-lipo LaserSculpt is the latest body-contouring treatment launched from device manufacturer 3D-lipo, designed to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, love handles, and flanks, offering clinics the ultimate in advanced technology, to help their clients to achieve a slimmer appearance without surgery or downtime.

Professional Beauty saw the exclusive launch of this device to the market.

Throughout the show, Roy Cowley, managing director of 3D-lipo, also announced some new initiatives from the company launching throughout the year, including the  introduction of dedicated business development managers, who will be actively visiting clinics to ensure  they have all of the full support required, in addition to educating clinics on the new technologies and treatments on offer from 3D-lipo.

He also revealed plans for a rebrand going forward for the entire company, to reflect its current offering, which has vastly expanded since the introduction of the first 3D-lipo machine some years ago.

In addition, Cowley educated clients on the company’s journey through ISO 13485 certification and medical registration for all 3D-lipo devices.

So, how does 3D-LaserSculpt work?

During treatment, applicators are secured onto the chosen area of skin, which deliver the laser energy through the epidermis, without affecting it.

3D-lipo LaserSculpt uses the latest 1060 Nano Meter diode laser technology, operating at the speed of light, to destroy fat cells.

The targeted application of laser energy heats fat cells under the skin, raising the temperature between 42 and 47ºC, until the cells temperature is raised to a point that it can no longer withstand. At this point, the cell structure is damaged, leading to necrosis (cell death) in which the body will identify these as waste in the body, leading the body to process the "waste" naturally via the lymphatic system. Results are seen within six to 12 weeks post treatment.

Why 3D-lipo LaserSculpt?

3D-lipo predicts that this technology is set to take over the body-contouring market over more traditional methods such as fat freezing, due to its  capabilities to achieve results in a fast treatment time of just 25 minutes.

The highly anticipated 3D-lipo LaserSculpt treatment has been introduced to the market at an affordable price, without compromising on technology or specification, ensuring that clinics make a fast return on investment, while offering clients the most advanced treatment of its type.

Don’t worry if you missed it at the show. 3D-lipo is hosting a number of exclusive business seminars, which are free to attend, to allow industry pros to find out more about the latest devices on offer from 3D-lipo.

To find out more, visit the 3D-lipo website

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