4 ways to improve data security in your salon

Salon data security has been a popular topic of late, especially with regards to the EU’s new regulation GDPR.

Salon owners now need to be extra cautious when collecting and storing client and staff information. Is your client and staff data securely collected and stored?

Four things you can do to make sure your data is secure:


  1. If your client record cards are crammed in a notebook and are accessible to anyone, then you may need to start from there. Make sure your data is stored in abidance to the law and that only authorised persons have access to it.


  1. A convenient method for storing client records comes in the form of an electronic customer database and come equipped with access restriction tools, allowing you, the owner, to grant staff limited access to such data.


  1. If you prefer the nostalgic feel of client record cards then investing in a paper shredder would also be wise. With the new regulations in place, your salon clients can request their data to be erased from your salon’s records and shredding physical data would be a convenient way of doing so.


  1. If you prefer a more modern approach to managing and collecting data, then a reliable salon software is the right choice. Most importantly, choose a system that has all the relevant features, like consent management, and stores data on reliable servers. Password protection and data access management are also key aspects that you should be on the lookout for.


Data protection is a priority in every business and salons are no exception. Make sure your clients’ data is safe and stored safely stored to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

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