56% of people have never had their make-up applied by a professional make-up artist

Only 44% of people have used and turned to a qualified make-up artist for make-up advice and tips, according to new research by The London School of Make-up.

56% have never used a professional service at a make-up counter, with 25% preferring to do their own make-up for special occasions such as their wedding, the report found. However, 66% are keen to up their make-up skills by utilising learning environments, such as attending a professional make-up course. 

When it comes to learning new techniques, 59% turn to friends for advice, 22% to their parents and 12% watch tutorials by beauty bloggers on YouTube. However, researchers believe there will be a significant shift in these figures in the future due to the growing popularity of beauty bloggers and influencers.

Of the 2,378 individuals surveyed across the UK, 36% wear a full face of make-up on a regular basis and half refuse to leave the house completely make-up free. Respondents biggest make-up concerns were that products don’t last long enough (20%) and could dry out their skin (15%).

Other major concerns included that, when applied, make-up never looks “perfect”, some can’t find the right shade and many have issues creating even eyeliner flicks.

When it comes to average spend on make-up products, 43% spend less than £20 per month, 30% between £30 and £40, and 19% between £31 and £50, with just a handful of people spending more than £50 per month.

Moreover, 55% of respondents started wearing make-up between the ages of 10 and 15, while 30% waited until they were 16 to 20 years old.

You can read the full report here