5 reasons lash artists are making the switch to American Volume

Published 25th Apr 2017 by PB Admin
5 reasons lash artists are making the switch to American Volume

Lash artists across the UK are switching to the technique that creates fuller, softer and more-natural looking lashes that last longer. Heather Hughes, UK director of professional lash brand Novalash, explains why….

Over the past few years, volume lash extension services have grown in popularity as the demand for fuller, thicker lashes has risen.

Volume lash extensions are created by placing multiple lighter fibres on each natural lash versus traditional one-to-one bonding.

The volume lash technique originated in Russia years ago but now a newer technique has emerged from America, aptly called “American Volume”.

This new and unique technique creates fuller, softer and more natural-looking lashes that last longer and are easier to maintain. Today, lash artists across the UK are switching over to American Volume.

5 reasons why lash artists are making the switch:

1. More natural results

Traditional volume lash extensions create a thicker, fuller look but can often appear heavy and unnatural. We know that clients are looking for a softer, more natural appearance which is where American volume comes in.

It’s an advanced technique created by NovaLash that gives clients better results and more confidence. Our unique “foundation” technique allows lashes to look more natural as they shed, eliminating the issue of obvious gaps throughout the lash line when fans shed.

And unlike traditional Russian volume methods that typically use one length to create a uniform strip-lash effect, the American Volume technique uses three or more lengths across the lash line to create a soft, natural texture that mimics the client’s own lashes.

Plus, a full set of American Volume can be applied in the same amount of time it takes a lash artist to apply a classic set.

Before and after american volume Lashes by Lindsey Rae Joslyn-Rohner

Image: Before and after American Volume Lashes by Lindsey Rae Joslyn-Rohner

2. Oil-proof and waterproof

American Volume lashes are not only easy and effortless to wear but are both oil-proof and waterproof, thanks to NovaLash’s unique High Speed Platinum Bond Adhesive.

This means clients can shower or head to the steam room immediately after the lash service and can continue using oil-based products on and around the extensions – a bonus for women who love facial oils.

3. Extreme durability

Salons and lash artists can set themselves apart with American Volume by offering longer wear times and better durability. High Speed Platinum Bond Adhesive is rubberised and flexible, making the lashes strong and durable. In fact, clients can go five to six weeks between infill appointments while wearing American Volume.

This gives salons an opportunity to add more clients and increase profits, and since clients see improved results, lash artists can even increase their service prices when switching.

Before and after american volume bianc

Image: Before and after American Volume Bianca Martinez

4. Low maintenance

The myth surrounding eyelash extensions being high-maintenance is well and truly busted. With no waiting period to shower, simple aftercare and infill appointments every five weeks, American Volume lashes fit into even the busiest of lifestyles.

Novalash American Volume group shot

Image: Novalash American Volume products

 5. Support and education

NovaLash’s company mission is to produce highly educated and skilled lash artists. We’re passionate about helping our customers build their businesses, meet their career goals and develop their skills, and once a lash artist trains with us they are supported for the rest of their career.

To find out more about American Volume or to become a NovaLash certified lash artist, visit the NovaLash website or email [email protected]

For more tips on lash extension application, watch our video with Novalash ambassador Kate Baxter.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Apr 2017


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