Guest blog: 5 ways nail techs can improve their CPD

CPD for nail techs

Lisa Dunlop, head of education at Cuccio Europe, reveals how participating in regular CPD will help boost your skills and business, and explains the ways you can do it.

Education, education, education! I guess it comes as no surprise that I’m passionate about education within the nail industry, given my role with Cuccio.

Ensuring that you spend time on your own CPD is vitally important as a nail professional.  We’re in a fast-moving industry where new products, techniques and accessories are being launched all the time.

Understand your products

One of my key bug bears is when I see nail techs using all brands of the same service in the same way when in fact they have differences that should be adhered to.

If you take a product on then you need to insist that this comes with brand training so that you get the very best out of the system and understand how to use it for optimum results. Every system is different.

Book yourself on courses

Courses can also be useful to ensure that you don’t get stuck in a rut – you know how you suddenly realise that you always recommend or use the same thing and that all your clients’ nails are starting to look the same.

Attending a short course can give you some added ideas and inspirations – not only from the trainer but from other students on the course. You may also discover a new tool or new way of doing something that you didn’t know before.

Nail tech education

Talk to others on the course

Courses can also be useful for picking the brains of other nail techs and salon owners, for example, finding out about their businesses, what’s popular with their clients, how they sell their services, how they set up their nail environment and more.

These are all these things that can help you see if there is something you might be able to add in to your own business.

Latest on Cuccio education

I’ve recently developed two courses focused on Cuccio’s new powder-dip system Pro Powder Polish – a basic course for those new to the service and an advanced class for senior techs who what to learn additional nail art techniques and offer something a bit different. 

I not only discuss how the system will fit in with your existing treatment menu but how you can talk to clients about it and educate them on the benefits of it.

And finally, enjoy learning something new

The final thing I wanted to say about keeping up with your education is that it should be fun, motivational and inspirational. I think we work in an industry that embraces training and we are very lucky indeed.


Lisa DunlopLisa Dunlop is head of education at Cuccio Europe, responsible for developing the brand’s education programme in the UK. She has worked for the company for six years.