9 out of 10 salons don't carry a hair loss product in their inventory. Do you?


Hair loss is a condition that almost every person will experience at some point in their lives. However, the options to tackle it can be either costly or carry side effects. This is why Divine Herbal decided to bring something unique to the industry by creating a 100% natural and cost effective product to stop hair loss and help re-grow hair - which is now available in salons and pharmacies across the UK and Ireland. 

Continuing with their philosophy of 'all-natural' they have recently launched the UK's first chemical-free anti-ageing & pigmentation-fading facial serum, along with the only ''Hair Repairing Treatment' in the beauty industry not to contain silicones, fragrance or any other chemical. 

Visit stand B91 at Professional Beauty North this weekend for more information and some unique offers, including 'buy 10 products and choose any 3 free'. And don't worry, if you are weighed down with purchases and can't carry any more, Divine Herbal can deliver your order direct to your salon instead, at no extra cost! 

If you haven't registered for your FREE ticket yet, pre-register here and avoid the £20 fee on the door.