PB meets Nicky Matthews, Owner and Founder of Sienna X


When Nicola spotted a gap in the spray tanning market in 2004, she had a brilliant idea and taking inspiration from her children playing in the garden with a pop up tent, she realised that the same design principle could be applied to a spray tan cubicle. So Sienna X was born in 2008 and quickly became one of the UK’s leading tanning brands.

PB: What is your most popular product and what do you think makes it popular?

NM: Our spray tan solutions are our most popular product, for their unique formulation, fragrance, longevity, the broadness of the range allows customization of colour to suit all skin tones, and the solutions are packed full of secondary benefits, such as Aloe Vera, anti-oxidant Vitamins E & A and avocado extract. Our range now includes Touche De Soleil, which is perfect for brides looking for a subtle glow.

PB: What makes your products special over the competition?

NM: We are proud are to have won Beauty Guilds ‘Best Tanning Supplier’ award for    four years running. Alongside our award winning products we are renowned for excellent customer service, marketing support and our training academy; all ensuring our customers can grow successfully and profitably. 

PB: How cost effective are your products when introducing them into a salon?

NM: Very… You can break even in a matter of weeks and then begin to make a profit. The investment is in a kit, cubicle, training and solution but it’s so worthwhile as it’s such a profitable business to be in, and you get so much support and professional training that it takes no time at all to be up and running and confidently giving spray tans to your clients.

PB: Do you provide any extra services for professionals who use your products in their salons?

NM: Yes, we offer a multi level training programme on spray tanning techniques, which also covers the selling of our retail range which perfectly complements a spray tan treatment, which further helps salons to make even more profit. We support our customers financially with great value offers and also provide added value with point of sale support and ideas to help and support you in your marketing of your Sienna X treatment at head office and on the road.

PB: Why should salon owners visit your stand at the show?

NM: To become a part of the Sienna X family, we are able provide a professional service and product range, as well as always be accessible to give support, advice and training, which is invaluable. The incredible PR coverage that our brand receives also reinforces our product credentials. We have a range of solutions to suit all skin tones and an award winning retail range to complement our amazing solutions. It’s the right choice... 

 PB: Are you having anything new on your stand at the show?

NM: Our brand new Q10 Bronzing Mousse will be available to purchase, it’s already a magazine favorite. Our much loved Express Tanning Mist will also be available with an improved formulation, which now includes Q10 and Aloe Vera.

Christmas gifts will also be showcased at the show, giving the perfect opportunity for salons and customers to stock up. 

PB: Will you be having any special offers exclusive to the show?

NM: We will be offering some special show prices, so a visit to our stand is definitely worthwhile as it will boost salon profits – it’s our gift to our network of customers and what makes us the market leading salon tanning brand in the UK. 

PB: Any other plans for the show?

NM: We plan to be a solutions provider to all of our existing and prospective new customers, which is no mean feat at one of the show’s busiest stands, but our teams of Sienna X experts make it happen.

PB: What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

NM: Do some research – is it something that your clients have expressed interest in or a need that you’ve personally identified, hero the product with the reasons on why it’s the perfect product for your clients, and above all make sure you use it yourself so that you can confidently talk about its features and benefits. 

PB: What’s taking place at the moment outside of show activities?

NM: We are in the process of launching new kit packages, making our choice more varied and easier for our customers. Teamed with our expert advice, there really is a kit to match everyone’s needs.

Our Training Academy will soon be launching new courses, allowing therapists to enhance and expand their current tanning skills… keep a look out.

As always we will continue to support more of the exciting celebrity events that we participate in, such as the Brits, the MOBOs and Strictly Come Dancing, as we believe that not only do the stars deserve the best, but that this sort of activity helps our salons to market themselves with sienna X.

Meet Sienna X on stand A31. Now only 5 days away, Professional Beauty North will open its doors on 13-14 October at Manchester Central. Free tickets are still available if you pre-register here.