A quarter of young UK men use self-tanning product

More than a quarter, 27%, of UK men aged 16-24 have used self-tanning product in the last year, according to research by market analyst Mintel. 

This is only slightly lower than for women in the same age group, where the figure is 29%. One fifth, 17%, of men aged 16-24 said they would use self-tanning products again. 

Younger men are also more likely than their older counterparts to have had a salon spray tan, with 20% of 16-24-year-olds having had one in the last year – compared to the national average of just 9%. 

23% of men in the 16-24 age group have used a pre-tan accelerator, while 21% have used a sunbed and 12% have applied a gradual tanner. 

One of the contributing factors behind the high self-tan usage among younger UK men is, Mintel concluded, celebrity and media influence. Roshida Kahnom, senior personal care analyst at Mintel, said: 

“As stars from shows such as The Only Way is Essex [TOWIE] popularise self-tanning, it remains fashionable amongst young people. High usage of self-tanning products amongst young men suggests that they may be aspiring to recreate looks inspired by celebrities such as [former TOWIE star] Mark Wright."

Among the UK public as a whole, both men and women, 16% have used self-tanning products in the last year, while 15% have applied a gradual tanner and 10% have used a pre-tan accelerator.