A third of Brits do little or no exercise

Nearly a third of Brits shy away from exercise, according to new figures from Mintel. Research from the market analyst reveals that 30% of Britons never or rarely engage in sports or exercise. 

Nearly a quarter, 24%, admit that they find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise, with 24% blaming cost, 20% a lack of time and 15% being self-conscious about their lack of fitness.  

Women are more likely to be inactive than men, with 34% doing little or nor exercise, compared to 27% of men. Geographic variations in exercise patterns show that those living in Yorkshire and the Humberside region exercise less than in other parts of the country. 

As many as 34% of people in these areas get little or no exercise at all. London has the highest percentage of fitness-prone inhabitants in the UK, with 21% admitting to failing to keep fit. 

The research also reveals outdoor and at-home exercise to be popular keep fit options, with 23% of people choosing to exercise at home, 16% opting to ride a bike and 14% running or jogging outside. 

Michael Oliver, senior leisure analyst at Mintel, said: “A number of factors work to drive home exercise, including self-consciousness, cost and convenience.” 

He added: “Outdoor exercise also represents a major competitor to the fitness industry, with the main advantage being that, after initial investment in equipment, there is little in the way of regular on-going outlay. This has particularly chimed with consumers during the economic downturn.”