As a newly trained make-up artist, what should I be doing to get my name known?

Daniel Sandler, one of the UK's most popular make-up artists, gives Professional Beauty readers some advice on how to get their name known.

The first thing to do is create some images for your website, and then market it. Advertise your skills in local magazines and papers to create a buzz about yourself. Meet with local journalists, start a relationship and do their make-up if they're going to a special event. Hopefully they'll ask you for quotes when they write beauty articles. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising so within six months to a year you should start reaping the rewards of your hard work. 

Try and socialise with professionals you want to work with, such as hairdressers, fashion stylists and photographers. If they like you they will probably give you a job as they'll enjoy spending the day working with you. When you’re first start out, working with hairdressers who do shoots for their salons is a great way to start creating a portfolio, but remember that a portfolio that looks too creative may scare some clients who are looking for a more commercial style of work. So try to do some tests that demonstrate your versatility and show that you can tone it down when necessary. If bridal make-up is your passion then try to do as many different bridal styles as possible then make friends with a local photographer who specialises in weddings. You may find that working closely with a bridal boutique will also pay dividends. 

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