Ask the expert: How can I encourage clients to upgrade to a hands-on tan treatment?

Q: How can I encourage my clients to upgrade from a spray tan to a hands-on tan treatment? 

A: My biggest piece of advice would be to explain to customers that a hand applied tanning treatment is not just about getting a tan, as a spray tan treatment is, it’s a much longer, fully immersive, calming and rejuvenating spa treatment. They are paying more for the therapists time, but also a bit of real luxury ‘me-time’, and I can’t think of a better treat than having an expert do your exfoliation and apply your self-tan.

Many customers may picture a hand-applied treatment as standing up in their paper pants having their tan applied by a therapist with a mitt, like they could do themselves at home. But once you explain the whole process they will change their mind. Let customers know how they will spend about an hour away from the real world, relaxing and lying down on a treatment bed with their modesty fully covered, and keeping warm and cosy whilst they get a thorough full body exfoliation (which will leave their skin soft and smooth and properly prepared for tanning), followed by an expertly applied, high quality, self-tan lotion which will leave skin not only thoroughly moisturized, but with a beautiful sun-kissed glow.

Whether they choose a spray tan or hand applied treatment customers will leave with a gorgeous tan, but with a hand applied treatment, they will also leave with glowing smooth skin, a calmer state of mind, and the feeling of being truly pampered, which is well worth the upgrade in my book.

Natalie Roche owns and runs a specialist beauty distribution business, working with Marks & Spencer, Harrods and numerous airlines and cruise ships.