Hyperpigmentation third biggest beauty concern

Dark spots on the face are the third biggest beauty concern for European women today, according to recent research by skincare brand Caudalie.

Speaking to 2,500 women aged 20-60 across five European countries – Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal – Caudalie found almost of two thirds (62%) of the respondents said dark spots on the face were a concern.

According to the findings, age spots were a greater concern than wrinkles for women, with 60% of the respondents saying they were worried about their wrinkles.

These findings from Caudalie support the current trend in the UK skincare market focusing on achieving a healthy, natural complexion than simply removing wrinkles. Insight from Data Monitor last year predicted that consumers would move away from anti-wrinkle claims in skincare in favour of more positive claims, such as radiance or brightening claims.

Earlier this year, both Elemis and Dermalogica launched ranges aimed at treating pigmentation problems.

Further findings from the Body firmness was the greatest concern for the women, with 71% citing it as something that worried them, while facial firmness was a problem for 68% of respondents.