Beyond organic

Denise Leicester, owner of UK-based spa brand Ila, explains the importance of being organic, the company’s 360-degree approach to wellness, and how it aims to capture the results-driven market

As I step across the threshold of Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa in West Sussex, there is an instant reprieve from the outside world. Perhaps it’s the aroma from the Ila scented candles, the herbal tea and gluten free brownie awaiting me or the fact I’m about to indulge in 24 hours of yoga healing and try out the brand’s core treatments. Either way, I feel instantly more relaxed.

I sit down to interview Ila founder Denise Leicester after experiencing the brand’s signature Biorhythm massage – a treatment so deeply relaxing I feel like I’m drifting somewhere between consciousness and dreaming. It’s only been two hours since the start of my visit and I already feel less frazzled. On mentioning this to Leicester, she explains that this is exactly what the organic British brand aims to achieve

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