Crystal Spa & Lounge steps into the future

Crystal Spa & Lounge advisor Valery Uvarov explains how the St Petersburg business is using ancient techniques and philosophies to create a spa for the 21st century

Crystal Spa & Lounge is no ordinary spa; it represents a new trend that we believe is unparalleled in the worldwide spa industry and to which the future belongs. The spa was designed and built in full compliance with the principles and technologies used in the construction of ancient temples and pyramids and detailed in my book Pyramids - Legacy of the Gods. Choosing this path was directed by the desire to create a spa that is fundamentally different from all other spas and salons in its energy and in the healing properties it offers.

This “technology of the gods” was used in the construction of temples and pyramids thousands of years ago and mentions of the divine properties these structures possessed continued to spark people’s imagination through the ages. At Crystal Spa & Lounge, we consider this technology to provide mankind with unique opportunities, making it worthy of significant financial investment. Despite a 15-20% rise in cost, the investor behind the spa therefore decided to apply this technology, in order to create a spa environment with maximum healing effect.

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