Botox, fake tan, and waxing essential purchases for men

Beauty products including fake tan, waxing, eyebrow shaping and even botox are essential purchases for men, according to new research. 

?The findings from showed that 10% of men from London said botox is a vital part of their image. Meanwhile, 22% of men in the West Midlands believe face tan is a crucial purchase. In Wales, 23% of men surveyed said eyebrow shaping is a key part of their grooming regime. 
Nationally, 14% of British men said waxing is necessary to look good and 11% regard fake tan as an essential expense. 
However, the survey revealed that British men are using their credit cards to keep up appearances and feel pressured to do this because of celebrity influences. 
Nerys Lewis, head of credit cards at, said: “Our survey suggests many Brits are using their credit cards to power an aspirational lifestyle fuelled by celebrity culture. A third (35%) of adults say they are spending more than they can afford this year, and it seems many are turning to credit when they haven’t got the cash or just fancy indulging themselves.”