Bridal tanning treatments – what to consider with the bride-to-be

Natalie Roche, Managing Director at Skin Solutions UK, tells Professional Beauty magazine how to work closely with the bride-to-be and carefully plan tanning in advance.

“Weddings are a key market for spray tan technicians and salons, as brides want to look perfect on their special day. I suggest structuring a tanning plan from as early as two or three months before the wedding. Offer brides a spray tan “fitting” to ensure their expectations about the colour they wish to achieve are met. Meeting to discuss her desired colour and to go through all pre and post-tanning tips will give her confidence and build the relationship.

Consider contributing factors such as individual skin tone, the colour of her dress and her honeymoon destination, all of which affect the level of tan.

Suggest a spray tanning party for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride as this guarantees everyone has fun but also that they all have the same skin colour on the big day”.

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