Britons remain unaware of sunbed risks

Many women using sunbeds in Britain are not concerned with the health risks, according to recent research.

A survey of more than 2,000 women found that 37% of respondents admitted to using sunbeds. The study, which was carried out by discount website, found that only a third of those sunbed users were concerned with the potential health risks associated.

“It is slightly concerning to see how many British women use sunbeds whilst being fully aware of the risks,” said Mark Pearson, the chairman of 

However, indsutry experts believe sunbed use within certain restrictions is perfectly safe. “It’s burning that causes the damage, not tanning,” says Gary Lipman, chairman of the Sunbed Association, which aims to promote safe guidelines for sunbed use across the industry.

The survey found that 42% of participants used a sunbed a monthly basis and 35% claimed to use them at certain times of the year. Some 8% admitted to using sunbeds on a weekly basis. However, guidelines from the Sunbed Association (SA) state that weekly sunbed use is not necessarily too much.

Lipman told Professional Beauty that his organisation’s recommendations are to never have more than 60 tanning sessions a year, never more than three times in a week and to always leave 48 hours between sessions.