CND unveils week-long polish with no base coat

CND has announced the launch of a new nail polish system that it claims will last a week without chipping and needs no base coat.

Vinylux Weekly Polish will officially launch at CND’s The Event meeting at the end of the month but distributor Sweet Squared has shared a sneak peek of the collection, which will launch with 62 colours and a top coat.

The colours contain patent-pending technology that promotes adhesion, meaning no base coat is needed.

The top coat features the new “pro-light” technology with photo initiators, which cause the top coat to become more durable with exposure to natural light.

The system dries naturally without a lamp and can be removed with acetone-based remover. CND says the polish dries in in about eight and a half minutes, about half the time of a standard nail polish.

The new system looks set to bridge the gap between standard nail polish and gel-polish systems such as Shellac, which last for a fortnight or more.