CTPA videos explore the psychology of ageing skin

The Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumeries Association (CTPA) has launched a series of videos to explain the psychology of skincare and the effect of sun damage on skin ageing and the DNA.

The CTPA has worked with experts including Professor Mark Birch-Machin, professor of molecular dermatology at Newcastle Biomedicine, and consultant old age psychiatrist Dr Julian Mason, as well as CTPA’s in-house scientists, to explore the role that skin science can play in safeguarding self-esteem and sense of self-worth as people grow older.??

The range of videos includes:

• How we can safeguard self-esteem as we age by looking after our skin and thinking positively about the ageing experience?
• The legacy of sun damage in our DNA
• How sun protection works to prevent premature ageing
• How nano-technology in sunscreens helps to protect against the ageing rays of the sun

You can also download our Skin We’re In factsheet which summarises these themes and sheds light on some of the exciting technologies used in skin science today.

Dr Julian Mason said: “As we age and the quality of our skin changes and becomes loose. It does affect our confidence in the way we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves in public. However, if we think about what is happening to us and we apply the wisdom that comes with age, we can modify this experience and let it become less damaging and more pleasurable.”

He added: “Applying nice treatments and lotions to our skin can be a very pleasurable experience and secondly there is a benefit from hand-eye co-ordination – a small study out of France has shown this can improve balance and even improve how we walk and protect older people against falls.”