Culloden Hotel & Spa introduces medi-spa services

Belfast’s Culloden Hotel & Spa will be offering medi-spa treatments on its premises, following a partnership with three providers in the field. 

Randox Health, the Room One Physio clinic and the Cathedral Eye Clinic will each be operating out of a consultation room at the hotel spa – offering some services on the premises and others at their main locations. 

Services offered by health profiling provider Randox Health will include lifestyle packages addressing issues such as stress and nutrition and include a Women’s Package, a Health and Fitness Package and 50+ Packages. 

The company will also offer a choice of more than 300 diagnostic and preventative health assessments. 

Room One Pyshio will offer clients assessments and treatment related to issues such as neck and back pain, arthritic pain, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Among the treatments offered will be exercise therapy, acupuncture and massage. 

The Cathedral Eye Clinic, which partners with the University of Ulster and works with the latest in retinal screening technology, will offer testing and consultancy services on site. Operations will be carried out at the clinic’s own premises.