Day One at PB London

Jade Burke, Professional Beauty intern, writes:

The first day at ExCel was jam-packed with new nail techniques, tanning equipment and seminars to help inspire every industry pro this year. Plus it’s the 25th anniversary of the annual show in London, which has made this year even more exciting.

One of the highlights of the day for me was Jeff Pink’s Q and A on the live stage, where he explained his inspiration behind the French mani. He said: “In Hollywood they couldn’t find a nail colour that matched the different dresses ladies changed into,” and so Jeff created a subtle pink shade alongside white tips which turned out to be one of the most popular designs us ladies use.

Elsewhere, the winners of the International Nail Championships were announced and visitors were able to try out Real Sunlight’s sunlight simulators on sun loungers. Surrounded by palm trees and a sandy carpet, with the faint hum of waves crashing in the background, it looked like a tropical paradise where visitors could escape the hectic stands for a little break during the day.



I was also treated to a manicure, courtesy of Jessica. I usually like to keep my nails neutral so they can match anything, so I opted for a delicate pink with a sprinkling of glitter to create an ombre effect, and I love them.

May Gordon, owner of The Fountain of Beauty in Belfast, told me: “This year has been a very good show, there have been new ideas and products that I have been impressed with,” proving the 25th show has certainly been an exciting event. I’m sure there will be much more to look forward to as the show continues.