Discover Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream at Professional Beauty North


Barely a month goes by without a new BB cream being launched by a major cosmetic house. These revolutionary multi-tasking products have made a huge impact on the beauty industry, yet there is still some confusion about what they actually are.

This is partly because they vary so much between brands. ‘BB’ stands for Blemish Balm but this doesn’t really explain what these creams do. The common denominators between the multitude on the market are that they’re a combination of a skincare cream, light foundation and a concealer rolled into one. Some also protect with SPF.

The main point of difference between the different brands is the type of coverage and finish.  The majority give skin a dewy luminosity, although some are more matte.  On the whole, the look tends to be sheer and light, although mineral BB creams, such as Glow Time by Jane Iredale, offer much fuller coverage while still looking very natural. 

Mineral BB creams have many advantages because they have a ‘soft focus’ effect and allow skin to breathe.  They also tend to have far less chemicals and irritants so this type of product is great for clients with sensitive skin. 

If you stock make-up in your salon, mineral BB creams should be a key part of your offering.  Products from professional-only brands like Jane Iredale contain purer, more natural ingredients than those found on the high street. They can be applied directly after treatments to camouflage redness, and this is an ideal way to introduce your clients to the product. The skincare benefits mean that they won’t clog pores or irritate the skin, so you’re not undoing the good work you did when performing the treatment.

You may find that your clients sometimes confuse BB creams with tinted moisturisers.  Although they are similar, what sets them apart is their wealth of skincare benefits.  Most good-quality brands are enriched with skin-loving ingredients which protect, smooth and firm while providing coverage. 

The multi-tasking element makes them ideal for busy clients who don’t have time to apply lots of different products in the morning, they can even skip their moisturiser because the BB cream has a hydrating effect.  The fact that they are in liquid form makes them ideal for mature skins because it won’t settle in lines or wrinkles.  Equally, they’re great for younger skin because of the fresh, luminous finish.  BB creams are even popular with men because the matte versions are almost undetectable on the skin. 

There may be a lot of hype surrounding BB creams, but their versatility means that they’ll be more than just a passing fad.

Visit the Jane Iredale stand C17 to find out about GLowtime, their new full-coverage mineral BB cream.

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