Dry, damaged hands and nail beds are UK's top nail complaints

Over a third of Brits are not proud of their nails, according to research by nail care brand Stylfile. Dry and damaged hands and nail beds were among the top complaints from survey respondents.  

The research also suggests that many people don't take good care of their hands and nails on a regular basis, and don’t protect them from chemicals such as bleach or washing-up liquid; 78% revealed that they never use washing-up gloves.

16% of those surveyed said that they never moisturise their cuticles, and Stylfile also found that 10% of those actually thought the cuticle is the tip of the nail. To address this, the brand has developed a moisturising nail file called Styfile Infuse, which has a curved shape and built-in almond oil dispenser to nourish cuticles and nails.