Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort to open in New Mexico in August

A new wellness resort, the Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort, is set to open in Santa Fe, New Mexico in August. 

The 8,361sq m resort, which has 32 rooms and 20 casitas (standalone accommodation) is situated on 70 acres of land and is based on an integrative approach to health and wellbeing. 

Fusing eastern and western therapies with Native American teachings, the resort’s offering is centred on four cornerstones that aim to nourish body and mind. 

The Nature Bathing principle draws on research that suggests spending time in nature has a healing and stress-reducing effect on the mind. 

The Digital Detox element encourages guests to switch off and go offline. Executive director Dr David Hans said: “At Sunrise Springs, we encourage our guests to unplug, tune in and actively engage in their lives.” 

The third principle, Learning Through Experience, focuses on the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing. Niccole Toral, director of experiential and psychological services and experiential activities at Sunrise Springs, said: 

“We provide guests with the opportunity to discover what nourishes their soul: to play, to experience joy, and to find connection in their lives.”

The fourth cornerstone, Food as Medicine, includes the resort working with local farmers to source food, as well as an on-site greenhouse and a demonstration kitchen for cooking classes. 

Programmes and packages will range from the Refresh & Recharge day and the two-night Wellness Exploration, which includes nature-based activities and food as medicine elements. 

The nine-night Immerse & Thrive package features a consultation with a counsellor to evaluate the guest’s physical, mental and spiritual health, nature-based activities and the development of a plan for healthy living, among other elements. 

Services offered at the resort’s Integrative Therapeutic Spa include wellness evaluations, nutrition assessments, psychotherapy, spiritual counselling, stress evaluations, acupuncture and chiropractic services. 

Among the staff at the resort will be doctors, nurses, physiatrists and therapists. Facilities at the resort will range from a yoga studio and a fitness studio to a swimming pool.