Face fixer

GeneO+ by Pollogen is a machine-based facial that lifts, firms and tones 


GeneO+ by Pollogen offers two machine-based anti-ageing treatments designed to firm, tone, tighten and brighten the skin. With my skin, as that of most of us over 25 or so, frequently in need of all of the above, I head to Arezoo salon in London to try out the NeoRevive GeneO+ treatment, designed to rejuvenate the complexion.

The salon, which carries the name of its owner, facialist Arezoo Kaviani, is located in an elegant residential building in Knightsbridge. Warm and inviting, it’s decorated in the style of a comfortable and relaxing living room. If your living room happened to be minutes from Harrods, that is. 

Arezoo, who is friendly and chatty and makes you feel very much at home, begins the treatment by cleansing my face and removing all makeup. She then applies the Tripollar Preparation Gel to my face to prep it for the treatment, said to simultaneously exfoliate the skin, infuse it with beneficial skincare products and treat it by allowing oxygen to flow to the areas most in need of attention.

Arezoo then begins moving the treatment head across my face, with smooth, fluid movements. The device has been designed to light up, turning red when a certain area of skin is warm enough, letting the therapist know it’s time to move on to a different part of the face, neck or décolletage. 

This, as Arezoo explains, not only makes the devices user-friendly for professionals, but also safer for clients, preventing burns as a result of working on an area for too long. It also means that how much time is spent on a certain area during treatment depends on the concerns that particular client has, the amount of lines, wrinkles and sagging and the areas these issues are defined to. However, a significant part of the treatment, 25 minutes, is always spent treating the face. 

The time dedicated to working on the neck varies between eight and 15 minutes, depending on the extent to which the client has wrinkly or sagging skin here. In my case, the minimum eight minutes are spent on the neck, but Arezoo comments that in the case of older clients, more focus is often given to the neck and jawline. GeneO+ can also be used on the hands, though this was not the case during my treatment.

The GeneO+ treatments are said by Pollogen to provide the same lifting effect as microdermabrasion and after the session my tired and flagging winter skin definitely did look brighter and fresher. 

Pollogen advises spas and salons to charge £75 for the one-hour GeneO+ treatment