Facebook likes rarely translate into sales

The number of "likes" your company's Facebook fan page receives, is unlikely to have any effect on sales, according to a new survey.

Over three quarters of UK adults (76%) have a Facebook account and 64% will regularly "like" fan pages of products or companies they like. 

The survey by Canadean Custom Solutions also found that 39% of Facebook users "like" pages as they believe it helps demonstrate to their friends and family their “attitudes and outlook on life”.  

However, while people will visit these pages to "like" a brand or product, it is unlikely that they will return to the page again. Nor that it will have any significant influence on buying behaviour.

Some 53% of UK Facebook users said that they will visit a brand page only once and 57% said that even though they ‘like’ a page, it is not likely to influence their shopping habits. 

Skincare is the second most popular category for Facebook fan pages with 32% of all visits. It is beaten only by chocolate at 38%.

Canadean Custom Solutions research manager Michael Hughes said: “Whilst a good Facebook fan page can give a brand cool credentials, it is unfortunate for manufacturers that it will not necessarily influence buying behaviour or drive sales”.

He added: “These numbers show that brands need to do more if they are going to use their online presence in order to boost sales”.