Getting fit and loosing weight are top New Year's resolutions for Americans

Image: Technogym

Getting fit and loosing weight are the most popular New Year’s resolutions among Americans, according to a recent study by market analyst firm Nielsen. 

According to the study, becoming fit and staying healthy is the top New Year’s resolution, with 37% of Americans wowing to do this in 2015. Nearly as many, 32% are resolved to loose weight this year. 

This is despite the fact that 76% said they did not adhere to a diet or weight loss regime in 2014. 65% of respondents said they plan to exercise more this year than last year. 

Meanwhile, 43% stated that they plan to drop weight by eating healthier, with 33% set to focus on portion control, and 31% on reducing their calorie intake. 

In keeping with wearable technology trend, 34% of participants said they will be using apps to help them loose weight, while 31% plan to use fitness trackers, 24% websites and 16% watches with fitness capabilities to reach their goals.