Growth expected in make-up for men

Specialist men's make-up could be set to take off in the UK, following the current trend in Asia.

The trend is booming in much of Asia where men's skincare and make-up combined accounts for 51% of the personal grooming market in India and 41% in China, according to research group Canadean.

Men in the UK and the US still have some way to go, although the fact that men use 22% of make-up and skincare combined in the UK and 23% in the US may already be above expectations.

Beauty trends that originated in Asia, such as beauty balm or “BB” creams, are now popular in the UK, leading Canadean to suggest British men could follow suit in the move towards make-up.

"Men are increasingly concerned about how their looks can affect their career prospects. In South Korea for example, the use of make-up by men is seen as a way to improve looks and enhance your career, with companies like Korean Air even holding cosmetics training sessions for male employees," said the report.

It went on to suggest that popular product in the UK are likely to include acne concealers, stage make-up as worn by the likes of Tony Blair, and nail polishes for men.