Growth factor

CG Funk, vice president of industry relations and product development at Massage Envy and a speaker at the 2014 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention, on profitability, the art of franchising and educating the consumer

What will you be covering as part of the Spa Franchise session at the convention?
I will be sharing the Massage Envy growth story with delegates and how the business has impacted the US spa industry with its professional, convenient and affordable tenets. I will also be discussing how franchising was the central pillar of this national expansion and how a grassroots company became the leader not only in massage and spa services, but also in spa job creation.

Whey did you to agree to speak at the convention and why do you think events such as this are important for the industry?
I was honoured to be asked to speak at the convention and am so looking forward to being a part of it. Events like the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention are important because they unite different sectors of the spa and wellness markets and give participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the spa world, to network with colleagues from around the world and to form relationships that are instrumental for our continued growth and sustainability [as an industry].

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