How to combat the bubbling effect when applying nail lacquers












The regular "Ask the experts" feature in Professional Beauty magazine talks to Tara Oldham,  brand ambassador for Alessandro International and former head of education for OPI, on avoiding the bubbling effect in the nail lacquers when doing treatments in the summer months.

Bubbling nail lacquer is a very common problem in the hotter summer months. To avoid this from happening it is important to firstly keep your products out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dark space. This will stop polishes from thickening, which is one of the main reasons for bubbles appearing on the nail.

Apply base, colour and top coat in very thin layers – overloading the brush with thick layers will aggravate the problem. Allow all the layers to air dry for a minute or two before applying the next coat, including the base and top coats. If you are going to apply a speed drying product allow the top coat to dry for up to 2-3 minutes before application and if your drying product is a spray – spray from a distance to prevent putting air bubbles in to the lacquered finish.

If your polish has thickened, thin it out using a nail polish thinner. A few drops should be all that is needed to restore polish to its former consistency.

It is also important to ensure that the nail plate is free of moisture before the application as this too can have an impact on the quality of the finish of your painting, as can shaking your polish before using it. Always roll your bottles and don’t swirl your brush around inside the bottle before application – again it all adds oxygen into the polish, which will result in air bubbles.

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