New Zealand brand Living Nature’s Sensitive Skin range launches in the UK in June. The key ingredients across the range, which has been developed for sensitive and very dry complexions, are harakeke flax extract and organic virgin coconut oil. Indigenous to New Zealand, harakeke flax extract is said to have calming, cooling and antiseptic properties, while the antimicrobial and fatty acids-rich virgin coconut oil helps strengthen the connective tissues between the cells and is particularly well suited to oily skin prone to acne. 

The Sensitive range includes the mild, soap-free Cleanser and the Hydrating Toner, designed to tone the skin, improve elasticity, reduce skin redness and retain moisture. The final two products are the gentle Day Moisture and Night Moisture creams which, in addition to harakeke flax extract and virgin coconut oil, also comprise avocado oil to soften and revitalise the skin and help boost collagen production.