Festive nail art step-by-step: glitter bomb

Christmas-loving clients will be thrilled that December is finally here. Help them shine with this glittering pink look courtesy of Bio Sculpture tech Nicola Barlow. 

Get the look:

Step one – Apply two coats of French White to each nail using a round brush. Cure between each layer

Step two – Paint a half moon above the cuticles of the middle fingers with Soft Gel to create a tacky layer. Dab fine silver glitter onto the half moon using a dry brush, and then apply Soft Gel over the top. Cure

Step three – On the ring fingers, create a reverse half moon covering most of the nail using the same technique as above. Apply silver glitter with a dry brush and cover with multi-coloured glitter Glitter Bug to increase the density. Cure, apply Soft Gel and cure again, before lightly buffing to smooth over glitter

Step four – On the index fingers, paint a small circle using Soft Gel. Dab pink glitter onto the circle using a dry brush. Use a fine nail art brush and black Liquorice to detail the bauble. Cure, apply Soft Gel and cure again

Step five – On the pinkie fingers apply Soft Gel and use a dry nail art brush to paint even stripes of pink and silver glitter into the tacky layer, leaving white stripes in between. Cure, apply another coat of Soft Gel and cure again.

Note: The nails were first prepped appropriately, painted with Base Gel and cured. Every look was finished with a coat of clear Soft Gel to seal in the design which was cured before a layer of Evo Gloss Top Coat was applied, followed by a final curing.

If clients aren't so keen on glitter, check out Barlow's first festive nail art tutorial, Christmas cutie.