Festive nail art step-by-step: Christmas cutie

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year. With Christmas just around the corner, now's the time to maximise your manicure services by offering nail art that ties in with the festive period.

In the first of our three exclusive nail art designs with pro brand Bio Sculpture, tech Nicola Barlow shows us how to create gorgeous Christmas nail art for clients who love festive motifs. 

Get the look:

Step one – Apply two coats of gold shimmer Gilded Reflection using a round brush, curing between each

Step two – On the ring fingers, create a small circle for the gingerbread man’s head using a nail art brush and French White. Create a star-like shape on each for his arms and legs. Cure

Step three – Using light brown Chocolate Fudge, go over your white gingerbread man shape to add colour, and then use black Liquorice to create the outlines and draw on the eyes, mouth and a line in the middle of the right arm and leg. Cure

Step four – Using a dotting tool and French White, add two buttons in the middle of his body and cure, before covering with red Breaking Dawn. Cure

Step five – Dip your nail art brush into French White and on the index, middle and pinkie fingers, create the shape of a holly bush and two berries in the centre. Cure

Step six – Add the outline to the holly leaves and berries on each finger using Liquorice and cure

Step seven – Apply bright green Spring Maple Leaf to fill in the holly leaves and Breaking Dawn to fill in the berries. Cure

Step eight – With French White create the shape of a holly bush in the top left of the thumb, with one leaf coming down the left-hand side and one running along the top. Create the base for another gingerbread man as above in the bottom right hand corner. Cure and add colours as above. Cure

Step nine – Add outlines and details to both shapes as above. Cure

Step 10 – Using your dotting tool, add two buttons to the gingerbread man’s body, cure, and then add Breaking Dawn to buttons. Cure.

Note: The nails were first prepped appropriately, painted with Base Gel and cured. Every look was finished with a coat of clear Soft Gel to seal in the design which was cured before a layer of Evo Gloss Top Coat was applied, followed by a final curing.

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